10 weeks later…

Greetings dear readers, and happiest of new years to you! I’m sure it will please you  to know that I am not dead, nor have I abandoned this blog. My prolonged absence is down to the fact that for the past 10 weeks I have been prostrated by morning sickness, and unable to even look at a screen, let alone craft an intelligible sentence. Yes, I even had to take leave from my PhD candidature.

As I gratefully emerge from the fug of nausea, I find myself thinking (somewhat guiltily) about this blog. Last night I even dreamed that I’d been diligently writing fortnightly posts during this entire period, but alas, you and I both know that isn’t true.

Given I am only just re-engaging with my academic work again, there will be no horsey post today. Besides, I just don’t know how I could segue from a pregnancy announcement to talking about horses. Not in any polite or sensitive form, anyway. But please do check back in a fortnight, and I shall have something equine-related for you then.


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